Stephanie Hannon Studio
Design & Editorial

For Businesses

For full-time musicians, a strong brand identity can go a long way. If nothing else, it tells bookers and venues that you’re proud of what you do, and that you take your reputation as an artist seriously.

For Businesses

Our small group of writers and graphic designers are here to help your company elevate your online presence by creating high quality visual and written content. So if you need a job done quickly, but your design team is caught up with another project, outsourcing to us is a no-brainer.


We're Competitively Priced

You pay an hourly rate for the work we do, working to your deadline – with updates of our progress along the way. No time wasted gossiping at the office coffee machine. Whatever the deadline, we deliver on time, every time.    

We’re Reliable

We’ll get the job done on time, without compromising on quality. Once more, we’re competent with all sorts of task management software, which means we can fit seamlessly into your workflow.

We're Native English Speakers

Content is key, and getting it just right isn't easy. Our native English writers and translators from both UK and US, will discuss the tone and style you want for your copy and ensure those all-important keywords are included.

We're Already Working With Berlin's Best

We’ve developed close working relationships with some of Berlin’s hottest start-ups and long established companies. Whoever you are, whatever your message, we'll work together to ensure we deliver the high quality results that your company deserves.