Stephanie Hannon Studio
Design & Editorial

For Musicians

Our design services for musicians will help drive your musical journey forward with a brand, style, and image that is unmistakably yours, and yours alone.

For Musicians


For full-time musicians, a strong brand identity can go a long way. If nothing else, it tells bookers and venues that you’re proud of what you do, and that you take your reputation as an artist seriously.

We offer many of our services to artists and musicians in exchange for whatever they can afford and encourage those we’ve worked with to show their gratitude by making a donation-based payment here.



Design Makeover

Your posts, press and posters should be as unique as you and your music. Help drive your musical journey forward with a consistent brand, style and image that is unmistakably yours, and yours alone.

• Logo Design
• Electronic Press-Kits (EPK)
• Website Design
• Poster Design
• Social Media Graphics

On Tour

Let's get your show on the road! Whether you want to plaster the walls of the city, or bombard the walls of Facebook, our designs will get the message out there – loud and clear.

• Flyers
• Electronic Press-Kits (EPK)
• Posters
• Social Media Graphics
• Stickers

Album Art

The first time you put your music out into the world is scary enough without having to worry about the packaging, design and look of the work. Let us put your mind at ease by designing the perfect visual accompaniment to your music.

• Cover Design
• Booklet Layout
• Album Art
• Photography